Sunday, April 19, 2009

What I do for a job

One of the questions often asked is "What work do you do?" I thought I would put a small post here with some of the highlights of my work.

I have been working on an on-line shopping centre for about four years. It started out just as a hobby with a friend who wanted to learn about Linux, but now I actually receive a few hours wages each week looking after it.

The url is and the site is based in Australia. Our focus is for companies who already have an established business but do not have a website or do not have any e-commerce features but would like them. We offer a range of services including assisted site maintenance. For those who do not have programming skills, this is the perfect way to have a powerful e-commerce site.

The structure of the site is based on the MySql, PHP, HTML trilogy with just a sprinkling of JavaScript to add a couple of special features. Most visitors to the site can have JavaScript turned off if they don't normally allow it to run. Except for the odd special page that includes video, there is no need to have any of the special page viewers installed. The oldest web browser is capable of seeing the majority of the site.

So take a look and feel free to use the "Contact Us" page to give us some feed back on your impressions. Please keep the comments on the constructive side. I have enough negative thoughts of my own :-)


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