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Cereal Bowl Cakes

Cereal Bowl Cakes

One of the things that many of us have a problem with is desert. I am one who likes sweet things and often have a problem with saying I have had enough. Buy a packet of chocolate biscuits when you know that there will not be anyone to say "Didn't you just have one?"

My daughter came up with this great idea some years ago when she was living at home. Cereal bowl size cakes made in the microwave. Instead of using a set of scales to measure the quantities we use the spoon that we eat our breakfast with:

1 heaped spoon of margarine or butter.
1 heaped spoon of sugar.
2 heaped spoons of flour.
1 heaped spoon of full cream milk powder.
1 heaped spoon of your favorite milk flavor or ice cream topping.

Blend together with a fork, add water till the mix is the right texture and pop in the microwave for a few minutes.

Of course these cakes were not actually diet food, but they gave me the basis for a change into healthier eating. At least I had a measurement to help me say "Enough food has been consumed". If you can convince yourself that you do not need to buy any chocolate biscuits because you can make your own desert at home you will be on the right tram to take advantage of a couple of ideas I have had in the recent past.

About a year ago I had reason to experiment with rice flour while trying to help a sick friend. Our initial ideas did not work but it gave me an oportunity to learn a lot about its ability to absorb liquid. I added rice flour to my pantry stock list.

I already knew quite a bit about flour from my years of making my own bread. One of the things I used was maize flour. This is also a main ingredient in South American traditional breads. Another thing I often did was to take my breakfast muslie and put it through the coffee blender.

Now I have started a new page in my recipe book with the addition of my weight loss diet. (See the previous post on this blog). But how do you tell yourself you must stop coming up with new ideas? Enter the weight loss cereal bowl cake.

When you are on a liquid based diet there are often times when you fancy something to eat but really want to still have your scheduled diet food. If you make your eating "include" the diet meal you still keep most of the benefits of the meals ingredients. So here is a recipe for a cereal bowl cake using some of my diet food ingredients.

2 heaped spoons of rice flour.
1 heaped spoon of maize flour.
1 heaped spoon of wheat germ and LSA mix
1 heaped spoon of skim milk powder.
2 spoons of olive oil.
1 heaped spoon of your favorite milk flavor or ice cream topping.

Blend these together with a cooking fork.

Take care with this next step. You will not need very much water.
While still blending with the fork, add enough water to make it smooth but still thick.

Place this mix into a microwave safe cooking container and place in your microwave.
Cooking depends on the power of your microwave. Mine takes about 4 minutes to cook this amount of food. You must NOT let your cake dry out completely or it may ruin our microwave. Better to try 1 minute at a time and just keep restarting until the mix has become like a cake. Once you have made your first cake you will know how long to cook for next time.

Remember that we have not added any yeast or cooking powder so it is not going to rise unless the flavoring you added has some rising effect.

Your cereal bowl cake will probably be more like a biscuit than a sponge cake but it will be very enjoyable. Have it with a cup of your favorite drink.

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