Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tomtom One Navigator

Recently I bought myself a Tomtom One navigator.

I got it on special because it was the last one of the previous model. I don't usually have any problems with such deals so I didn't think twice when the deal was offered to me.

I had been looking at the different brands available for some time. I did not keep a record of the number of inquiries I have made but I always finished up leaving disappointed by the sales persons negative approach to my questions. I am sure I am not alone in my use of my navigator. I travel by public transport quite a lot and wanted a navigator that I could operate when on foot. Except for the person who sold me my Tomtom, every salesperson I spoke to told me that using a navigator designed for a car would not be successful when not in a car.

I finally found a salesperson who was positive that he could meet my needs. He strongly recommended the Tomtom over the other models available because of the customer support provided. This was a real encouragement to me. He assured me that I could get the latest maps for my unit at no extra cost even though I was buying a superseded model.

Now you know that I am a Linux user. As usual, the Tomtom software is only supported by Maxcrowsloth so I had to hold my breath while I organized a computer to connect to the internet for my new maps. Using an old box donated by a friend, I downloaded the update program. Sadly it would not run. I used the contact us link on the Tomtom site to send out a please help me email.

The site said two days wait so I decided to look around for some quicker sources while waiting.

A search on the net found a lot of negative dribble from people who did not seem happy with the help from the Tomtom people. I was a little worried about this, however, after about three days I got my first lot of assistance from a very polite staff member who seemed to know exactly what I needed to do. I needed to update the Maxcrowsloth box to have all the latest slurry.

Of course you can't blame the Tomtom people for things they do not do themselves. So after about 200MB of downloads (three nights worth) I finally got a system that was updated with all the latest Maxcrowsloth patches. Now I could connect to the Tomtom site and get my new files. I downloaded the 70+MB of data and ran the install. Woops. Now the unit won't work at all. Fortunately I read the rules before I started and simply did a restore to my original maps.

Another contact to the help people and I was informed that I should have first updated my main operations program and then installed the maps. Silly me. So after another session to download my running software I again installed my maps. Yahoooo.... everything works perfectly.

So now I finally have what I have looked for. A unit that has specific operations for walking, push bike riding and car travel. It even shows me the bike trails around my area. It also gives me the opportunity to make adjustments to many of the map references including speed limits and turning restrictions such as no u turn at lights where there is not a special permission sigh. I can even give meaningful names to any roads that are not already named, such as within shopping centre and railway stations car parks. Of course you can adjust the turning permissions and speed limits for these areas as well.

So I am one happy camper with regards to my purchase. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking of a navigator.

As for the people who are bagging the Tomtom, "Sorry for your loss". I think you should show a little restraint and patience. Of course, knowing a little about the sad state of the average computer with a Maxcrowsloth operating system, I can understand some of the frustrations. But the problem is not with Tomtom.

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