Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vegetable Garden Later Photos

Here are some photos of the garden with vegetables growing.
In the first year I actually put some Tiny Tim tomatoes in the centre. The second year I changed this and began my herb garden in the centre with some basil and later added other herbs.
Also in the second year I was given a mulch bin to hold my grass clippings. This means I need a much smaller area for my mulching process.

This is an early batch of mulch. You can see it spreads out over a large area

And the next photo shows how I plant the seeds in a row of potting mix in the centre of a growing area

As you can see, I do not have a huge amount of veges growing all the time. This is a hobby for me, not my whole food supply.

I could grow much more if I wanted to put in the time. This type of garden will produce food in relation to the amount of mulch you pile up in the growing areas.

I just keep moving round the circle. When a crop is finished I put down a new lot of mulch in that section and plant seeds again. If I find the weeds have grown in the patch I put down some more newspapers over the weeds before I put in the mulch. Sometimes I allow a few of the plants to go to seed. Then I can either let the seeds fall to the ground and self sow the next crop or I collect the seeds and plant them in rows on the top of new mulch. It all depends on how much mulch is still left after the crop has finished.


Vegetable Garden First Photos

Here are some photos of my garden as promised in the last post.
The first ones are of the initial organization of the site.

I put a roof tile on the end of the path to keep the gravel in the garden area

The step area protrudes into the planting area and lets me reach to the edge of the garden

In the last photo you can see the hose round the edge. This is how I marked the outside border of the garden.