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My Vege Garden

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My Vegetable Garden - The Beginning

I thought I might write a little about my vege garden. One of my interests is food. I am sure many will relate to this topic.

Some time ago I watched a video at a friends place. It was done by this lady who went around the world teaching people how to grow vegetables in their back yards. She said she was promoting a method called the Mandala Garden. This is a circle of growing area with a narrow walking path inside and another smaller central circular garden in the middle.

Really kool way to grow food. You do not have to dig up your yard first. This got my attention straight away because me and hard labour just do not mix anymore. Serious back injuries tend to limit what you can do. So no digging sounded just the way to go. So I settled back with pen and paper with my tape recorder going to get the bits I missed and watched the video.

Before you do anything you need to develop a collection of mulch. Most people would use about two or three bales of barley hay and a couple of bags of horse manure. If you just want to use grass clippings you probably want to mow your lawn a few times and keep the clippings in a heap. You need to make sure the mulch stays moist and turn it over every few days so that the heat stays in the pile. Hot mulch kills the seeds that are in the mulch. You don't want grass or barley growing in your vege garden. Make the pile of mulch in the place where you are going to put your garden. That way you keep any goodness that leaches out into the ground and also do not kill grass that you want to keep growing.

You also want something like sugar cane for your pathway. This takes a long time to break down so your path is easy to separate from your growing area. Maybe a bag of pebbles will be good too. That way your sugar cane will not just blow away in the wind.

Once you have a nice big pile of mulch the next thing to do is decide what size you want your garden. You should squat down on the ground at the point where you want the centre of your garden and see how far you can reach with your hands. Put something down to mark both the centre and how far you can reach.

Next you start off with heaps of news papers. Newspapers kill the grass and stop weeds from coming up without making the soil sour. The new inks are not poisonous so no risk to your health. Just do not use any shiny paper. This has plastic in it and would not be good for your health.

You should use them complete, just as they come from the printers. If you are working in a windy area, it is best to soak the papers in a bit of water before you start the next stage so they stay where you place them. Lay them down on the ground in a circle at the distance from the centre that you could reach when squatting down overlapping them by a few inches. Now place your feet on the paper and reach out again. Mark this spot. This is the width of your outer growing circle. Lay another row of papers, again in a circle overlapping them the same as before. Now you fill in the area between the two circles with newspapers overlapping as you go.

Finally you prepare the central area.

If you want you can make the centre into a water feature. You could use an old truck tire with a sheet of plastic for this. Dig a hole big enough to fit the truck tire in, put the plastic in the hole with the edges up and over the surrounding ground, put the truck tire on top of the plastic to make it stay there, and finally cover the plastic with some clean sand and pebbles. You can grow water chestnuts or some other water plant in this area. Or you could just put fish in there. If you want to hide the truck tire you can put some pavers or some other clay or stone based material on the tire to hide it.

I didn't put a water feature in my garden. I made the centre my herb patch. So I put more newspapers down just the same as everywhere else.

Next step is to put your sugar cane down to mark your path. If you want you can have little stand areas round your garden. This way you can break your garden up into smaller areas to help when planting. If you are doing this, you just put an extra bit of sugar cane mulch infront of the walking circle at even intervals around the circle. Make these standing areas just big enough for you to place your feet while you squat down. Once you have your path way and standing areas covered with sugar cane mulch, sprinkle your pebbles down so that the wind doesn't blow your path away.

Now you are ready to put the mulch down around your path. For best growing results you should make the mulch about 8 to 12 inches thick. If you want to grow carrots or other in-ground vegetables and you do not have your mulch thick enough, you will finish up with the root of the plant sitting above ground. This grows green carrots and potatoes. Not a good thing to be eating. Green potatoes are reported to be dangerous to be eaten.

The above instructions are how the lady showed on the video. I did my garden in stages so I didn't have the whole area covered with paper to start with. I used my garden hose and a few wall tiles to mark the circles. I did my central area first then did the outside a bit at a time as I collected the mulch.

When planting seeds, I use a trail of potting mix on top of my mulch to sow the seeds then I cover with another layer of potting mix. I find the seeds start better that way.

So that is how I started my garden. The next post will have a few photos of the garden in various stages of growth. I have been taking the occasional photo whenever there has been something worth remembering. These are the photos I will include.


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